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Having a pool

Have you thought about having a pool it’s a dream that many people aspire too

Especially when they think of moving to Portugal and renovating a stone house or building new.

The first concerns when thinking about having a pool are usually and understandably what will it cost, how big will the pool be, how deep and where will we locate it.

Then there is will it have a liner or glass mosaic tiles, ladders or steps, lighting, electric pool cover(costs permitting) and what about the patio, pool surround, and planting.

Oh yes and a shaded area for dining alfresco!

You have to admit there is a lot to think about when you have decided that you are having a pool.

From a practical point of view, we would have to say that you have missed a major point or three from your pool decision list.

Is the ground suitable for installing a swimming pool of the type and depth that you want?

portugal, pool construction, pool builders
Castelo Construction Having a pool

Is there enough access to excavate the pool foundations and where do you want all of the earth to go.

Do I need planning permission or a license?

The final question of who is going to build the pool is possibly the easiest to answer. Castelo Construction can visit your home or building project. Tell you if the conditions to build a pool are in your chosen location.

They can advise on all aspects of pool design from depth, interior finish and even the type of patio or pool cover that will be most suitable.

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The estate agents information will tell you that “the electricity supply is nearby and easy to connect”.

You may have to take a large pinch of salt with this information. If you are interested in buying a plot of land or a ruin to renovate or a new house. The electrical supply cables may indeed be nearby but how can you tell?

I know of one person who assumed or was misled (this depends upon which side you talk too) that the line of power cables running parallel to the land he was buying would only have to be lead to his plot a distance of approximately 50 meters so that the power connection could be made.

Instead the EDP who install the power to properties decided that those cables were not of the right type and insisted that they connect to another supply requiring SEVEN power poles to be erected. You already know who was asked to foot the bill !

Of course if he had done the sensible thing and paid someone independent to help him get a quote for the installation of electricity to his plot. He would have known where he stood before he agreed to buy. At least he now has a subject to bore acquaintances with. Unfortunately!

This is how we assist our clients – Hello XXX,
The EDP letter I found in your post box is just to say that the energy supply for the building is viable, but they say that charge to install the supply to the house is are likely. As they have to extend the electric power line to the site.
We already know this and will be getting a quote from them in due course. The install to the boxes that we build in your retaining wall and we install the cables from them to your house.

As soon as we have the building license. The electrician will prepare a document so that we can apply to the EDP for a “Baixada de Obras”.

The EDP will then send to your house a letter with the costs of extending the electric line to the house.

We need to build the part of the wall where the meter box will be located asap and fit the equipment that is needed to allow the EDP inspectors to come and see if everything is in order.

If it meets with their approval they will then send you a quote for line costs. You will then pay, and wait (a while) for them to connect it.

Castelo Construction

When you are looking at old houses that have electricity many of them will have an electricity meter inside the house like this one complete with a birds nest on top.

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It is never certain that the electricity will be reconnected to these meters if it has been cut off due to the previous person moving out some time ago or not paying their bill.

The EDP may force you to build a wall like this

electricity water phone
electricity in Portugal

to house all the modern electricity related boxes. The walls go on the edge of your property so that the EDP can read the meter without having to inside your property.

The new wall, boxes and meter are of course at your cost and could delay the power connection to your property by a month or more.

We all know that councils, utility companies, planning departments and lawyers are impossible to speed up in our home countries so dont expect and different here and plan accordingly.

Talk to Casteloconstruction@gmail.com

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winter rains are here

The winter rains are here and many people are often surprised as when the rains eventually come the rainfall is often very heavy and prolonged.

This when you start no notice the drip, drip, drip of water coming through the roof or ceiling. In some cases the rain water pools on top of the ceiling and then runs down the wall like a kind of interior waterfall.

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winter rains are here

If you find that your internal walls have a glazed or wet look as if they had been sprayed with water. Then you could potentially have a roof leak. Now is the time to check it out.

Some unfortunate people will also have water running into their homes through a light fitting or flooded basements which often cause people huge distress.

These mini floods if severe transform a comfortable home into a dank, humid, smelly space and is a horrible experience for any home owner.

If you have ever sat in your Portuguese home watching bowls and buckets quickly filling up or trying to catch the drips and towels to catch the water streaming down the walls you will know how demoralising this can be.

All it takes is the first heavy rains to find the new faults and cracks in your roof tiles and flashing’s.

They always seem to have appeared overnight.

Now you must just sit and wait. Wait for the rain to stop and the problem to ease for a while.
We know that water can cause problems such as electrical shorting and is an electrocution hazard.

The water will have soaked into the structure of the building causing paint and plaster damage, damp walls and ceiling and that awful damp smell.

What to do about the problem.
Understand what it causing the problem and also where it is entering the home – This may not be as obvious as you first think and can require some experience to spot the source of the problem.

Understand what materials or systems are required to stop this happening again.

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