central portugal insulation. dampfixpt, fix damp portugal

Time to insulate your home

Its spring in Portugal and now is the time to start insulating your home.

central portugal insulation. dampfixpt, fix damp portugal
time to insulate your home

We know that it is hard to contemplate spending money on something that makes your home warm and habitable in the winter when the outside temperature is starting to rise to T-shirt levels.

So why insulate now.

Firstly insulation is not just for winter you will feel the added benefit of your new insulation in the height of the summer too when it keeps your home cooler and your bedrooms comfortable to sleep in.
From a construction point of view the next three months make sense to carry out insulation work as your home has a chance to dry out so there is less chance of trapping moisture inside the fabric of the home.

We all know loft insulation but do you know that in Portugal it is common to insulate the internal walls of a home and it is also common to insulate the eternal walls of your home (Not both together)

If you are thinking of having the outside of your house painted then it is an ideal time to have the exterior insulated because you won’t have to pay for the painting and you can offset the cost against the exterior insulation which make the job far more reasonably priced.

There are many types of insulation products that you can use to insulate your home for instance we often use local cork products as well as the more populate styrene derivatives.

If you are thinking of floor, wall or roof insulation contact Castelo Construction and join the ranks of our cosy clients. info@casteloconstruction.com