pool maintenance

Although it’s only just spring it’s time to do that pool maintenance that you have no doubt been thinking about over the last couple of rain-soaked months.

If like mine your pool is a little green, not to worry this is probably caused by rain borne microorganisms and will soon clean out once you get the pool chemical/salt level back to normal.

castelo construction carry out pool repairs
pool maintenance

The pool patio may have a collection of deal leaves in the corner which are ideal nurseries for weed seeds. Probably best to clear them up before they rot and stick to your patio or stain it.

On the subject of leaves make sure that your skimmer baskets are clean and that the drain outlet at the bottom of the deep end is clear of leaves.

Skimmer paddles often come off during winter storms they are usually easy to replace. Sometimes however the hard plastic housing breaks and you’re going to have to replace the whole skimmer unit. Best done before you want to swim.

Now’s a good time to have a go at the winter scum line around the water surface area.

Take a good look at the wall surface of the pool are there tiles or mosaics missing from the walls and floor. Are there bubbles in the liner or is there a fold that has appeared below the water.  Spring is the best time for pool repairs.

Steps and covers can be given a clean so that the before swimming clean isn’t such a chore. Take out the stainless steel steps and clean the underside of the treads, green grunge loves to live there and it will detach into your newly cleaned pool as soon as someone dives in.

Then we can turn our attention to the filter sand. It doesn’t last for ever and sometimes sticks together in the dormant time over winter. You can buy a product to free the sand grains or you can replace the sand.

Check your filter basket which goes in front of the water pump. Empty it out and check that the basket isn’t damaged or blocked.

Check all of the valves/taps do they move smoothly. If not service or replace.

If like me you’re getting a bit soft and acclimatised to hot weather so only use your pool when you can boil an egg in it. There are a lot of heating systems that you can use to extend your enjoyment of your pool. Some are very good value for money and make a real difference you the enjoyment of the swimming pool. Contact us for information on our insulated swimming pools they are fantastic.

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The final check of your pool maintenance program is your patio or pool surround  for signs of subsidence particularly around thee edge of the pool as this can result in the underground pipes for the pool cleaner, jets and skimmers being squashed shut or broken.