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We have all heard the quote from George Bernard Shaw “England and America are two countries divided by a common language”.

Even though we speak basically the same language people sometimes have trouble understanding one-another. The actual words used are not the issue its the context that they are used in and also the expectations that have been built up in our minds by our backgrounds, upbringing and education.

When I get frustrated with the way things are handled here in Portugal by the government-run organizations and utilities I always think back to the famous quote from The Wizard of Oz film from 1939. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

This helps me to re-calibrate my attitude, expectations, patience threshold and a few other blood pressure raising traits that we bring from northern Europe. For someone like you trying to have work carried out on your property in Portugal it can be ultra stressful and emotional for three main reasons.

1, Communication, lack of and making yourself understood. How to describe what you want. Especially if you are not here all the time and have to communicate over the phone.

2, Cultural difference, expectations that you have will not be matched by your Portuguese counterpart.

3, Understanding local construction methods, practices and materials.

These three heart attack inducing hurdles can be removed by working with a building company like Castelo Construction Lda.      www.casteloconstruction.com Our teams are very experienced Portuguese builders who understand that we expect different things from them than their usual Portuguese clients. They are used to using the latest building techniques and build to a superb level of finish.

Our clients, despite their initial fears of having to repeat them selves several times to be better understood they find that they are dealing with a highly experienced and qualified builder who can translate their wishes to the craftsmen and manage the process professionally  to completion.

When you work with us do not spend too much time getting bogged down with learning everything there is to know about construction or the Portuguese language because you will not learn it all and it will be frustrating carrying a phrasebook around with you.

It is far more beneficial to collect together what is often called a “mood board” or “ideas scrapbook” so that you can help us understand the type of space, finishing and features that you like.

These can be quickly understood and transferred into your new home. Obviously its a big decision having work done in Portugal and not being there to supervise. Contact  info@casteloconstruction.com to talk about your project.

We can share with you some of our excellent references and give you competitive quotations for any construction work that you may require.

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English speaking builders central Portugal

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