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Solar panels portugal

 Unless this happens

Solar panels are great with the promise of all that “free hot water”.

Free that is once you have bought the panels and associated equipment and paid to have them installed. You can then sit back and bask in all that free hot water.Its hard to work out a good and accurate installation cost for a solar panel installation on an average family home especially here in Portugal were most houses are build and designed differently.

A solar system should work beautifully in the Coimbra area as there are on average 2,605 sunshine hours annually and approximately 7.1 sunlight hours for each day.

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The pay back period should therefore be reduced and hot water guaranteed…….

Unless this happens

Both panels on this twin panel system are broken. So no hot water or payback….. Instead just a huge expense to have them replaced.

So why did this modern, long life, simple, clean technology not prove up to the job.
Here are a few possible reasons. The “specialist installer” had not actually been on a training course and did not know about blow off valves and how to locate the panel properly.
There was no pressures reduction and refill system installed.

The panels were not covered when not in use so that the heat built up and caused the pipes to blow out with the escaped steam and water breaking the glass.

This damage definitely should not happen. You should be instructed about the need to cover the panels when you are not using them ( on holiday for instance)

Solar Panels in Portugal do work !!!!!!!

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