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Know the facts

Do you know the facts, are you sure that you know the facts when it comes to having building work or a renovation done.

“Ignorance may indeed be bliss” it’s also VERY expensive.

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Building Land Portugal
Know the facts

I was having lunch with some friends the other day and they told me that they were talking to some British friends about that often trotted out pieces of miss information

“The cost per meter square to build a home in Portugal”.



If there is one thing that makes my blood boil it is any statement on the price per M2 to build or renovate a home in Portugal.

I decided to do a quick demonstration of how insane this often bandied about value is.
We had two glasses of wine in front of us so I took a large drink out of mine taking the level down to about half that of my friends glass.

I asked if this full glass of wine cost 2 Euros then how much does this half full glass cost. The obvious answer that came back was 1 Euro because it was half the quantity.

The obvious answer is of course WRONG so I said  NO it could be 15 Euros because it could be better quality wine. It could even be 20 Euros if my glass was included in the sale.

What I was trying to demonstrate was how can you compare prices (Apples for Apples) as its often called if what you are actually comparing is Apples and Oranges!
The eventual price difference could have you left without enough money to finish the work.

A word of advise. Please take it.

If a builder Ever gives you a build price per square meter before he FULLY UNDERSTANDS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT – Walk Away and keep walking.
The reason that I say this is because I know of many a building project which has been deliberately quoted without some vital elements missing which will be added later and charged at a higher profit margin.

Take for instance a house that you want to have built. You have agreed the price you are going to pay “Key in Hand” So you can sit back and relax and wait for the work to be done.

As the work is coming to a close you see that there are no gutters or drainpipes and as a result the mud outside the house is splashing dirt onto your nice new wall paint. Oh the paths, drives and patios are not included either oops!. What about the garden gates, top soil, fencing, Electricity supply and connection, water connection, Gas, Television. Handrails to the stairs, gas bottle store, garage door, mosquito blinds, post box I could go on and on but I will finish by saying that the short list above could cost 17,000 to 20 Thousand Euros on top of the cost of your Key in hand house price which makes a mockery of any price per square meter price anyone gives you.

If you want to know the facts about your new build or renovation project talk to Castelo Construction.

See our website at

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Heavy Rain

When we think of Portugal the last thing that we think of is Heavy Rain. That is until you own a property here.

Many people dream of buying a property next to a lake or river in rural Portugal. castelo construction

Many people dream of buying a property next to a lake or river in rural Portugal.

If you own a property in Portugal you will no doubt spend more time here and experience the two wet season of the year.



Obviously some areas of Portugal are drier than others but we do get very heavy rain.




When we are talking to our clients about their new build of property renovation we always have to remind them that we need to take care of the heavy rain.

Tale or instance flat roofs, balconies, verandas and patios all have to be sealed properly and there must be the correct slopes to shed the water quickly. Even the more mundane things like calcada cobbled patios must be laid to a fall so that they do not get damaged by pooling water.

So it is best to prepare your home for such eventualities as storms and heavy rain while you are away and your Portuguese property is closed up.

Here are 5 tips.
1 Before you leave your property shut up make sure that the gutters and drains around your property are clear of dead leaves, ivy and other creepers and dirt.

2 Lower the water level in your swimming pool or even better have an overflow fitted so no matter what amount of rain comes your swimming pool will not overflow.

3 Check the condition of your flat roof, balcony, veranda and patio tiles if there is grout missing from between the tiles or worse plants growing out of them. Get them fixed before the heavy rains of the winter. Leaking flat roofs, balconies, verandas and patios can cause penetrating damp inside your property.

4 Check that your gutters and drain pipes are solidly fixed and not blocked. Leaking gutters are a major source of penetrating damp.

5 Ventilate your home – We understand that it feels right to lock all the internal doors from a security stand point but if you have no air circulation during periods of heavy rain you are increasing the likelihood of condensation build up inside your rooms.
Consider installing passive ventilation or even better a solar ventilation panel from Grammer Solar or SolarVenti.