High Quality

Most of us want our homes built to a high standard and to the highest quality that we can afford but what happens when the money is virtually unlimited. How much better is the home where the quality of materials, high quality equipment, fit and finish is of the very highest level.

Personally I think that if we took an average D.I.Y. finish and marked it as 2 out of 10 then the finish that we at Castelo Construction deliver to our clients has to be 7 out of 10 and superb value for money.

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High Quality Craftsmanship in Portugal

Lets take the top end of properties and again numbers here are very subjective I will give it 9.5 out of 10 because nothing is perfect.

The additional points are due to the very high quality of materials and design which usually means that installations can look seamless and a top interior designer will take them up to a new level with creative use of colours, textures and materials even playing with light both natural and artificial.

The results can be jaw dropping.

Lets take a look at what this 2.5 extra points consists of.

1, higher cost – not just higher but 300 to 400% more.

This is because of the price and type of materials used. The combination of materials and the attention to detail often remaining unseen by the home owner.

2, Sophisticated equipment like heating and cooling systems. Even something as mundane as interior wiring circuits ,lighting, sound, automated shutters,blinds,windows,locks. We not even mentioned the kitchen and bathrooms yet it just goes on and on.

I always wonder if when someone lives in this type of environment if they actually use all the toys which they have at their disposal or even appreciate the difference after a while.

For high quality craftsmanship in Portugal talk to Castelo Construction