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Wet Rot

Wet Rot and Rising Damp are surprisingly common in old houses around Central Portugal.

Wet Rot is easily identified and distinguished from Dry Rot  because the rotten timber that you are looking at will be wet, very wet. You will have seen wet rot action without knowing what it was. Have you noticed a window or  door frame as condensation drips down the glass pooling on the wood which has become dark brown and cracked. This is a minor form of wet rot.

Think of an untreated fence post having been stuck in the earth for a couple of years. It looks OK until its is moved and snaps very easily because the fibers of the wood have been destroyed by the microorganisms of the rot.

The simple answer to eradicated wet rot is to remove the source of moisture and the rot will die also replace the effected timber.

Easier said than done, but we get lots of practice so that it’s not something which daunts us.


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