Decking is a smart alternative to hard surface finishes such as patios and seating areas. In the photographs below you will see it used for the floor of an outside eating area, swimming pool patio and a raised dining terrace.

The important thing is to choose the correct type of decking. Hardwood, treated softwood or reconstituted wood with plastic!.  Each has its own positives and negatives for instance if decking is going to be used near a pool you don’t want people picking up splinters of wood in their bare feet. When some softwoods dry out they can delaminate causing long shards of wood to lift from the surface. A potential danger for the soft feet of children. The correct hardwood will be resistant to water and won’t splinter. Reconstituted wood/plastic mixes are relatively new, hard wearing but can be very slippery when wet.

You will notice that the area around this swimming pool designated to have decking has a reinforced concrete base. This is to support the decking, provide good under decking drainage and give us a strong fixing to hold the decking in place during the hot summer.

Decking can also be used to provide a first floor veranda. It allows the rain water to pass through and gives a nice base for a seating area, dining area or sun bathing.

The effects can be quite stunning when the correct type of decking is chosen and well laid

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