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Bought a house in Portugal

Hurray, Bought a house in Portugal I know the feeling and remember when we bought a house here. and thoroughly recommend it. Having bought a house in Portugal a long time ago I have met many people and heard their experience firsthand both good and bad.
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is the water and electricity connected

I am often asked to help people with the language or just getting the important things done in the first couple of days after arrival. The people who I have spoken to range from people who have never been to Portugal before and just bought a property to people who have been coming on holiday here for years and fell in love with the place to people who take things very gradually and rent a property in a couple of different locations before deciding to buy. Oh yes, there was also a couple of guitar playing nudists who lived in a transit van but as they didn’t have a house perhaps they shouldn’t be included in this post. The one thing that differentiates all of the people that I spoke too was their level of planning and preparedness in most cases lack of it! I think it’s about misunderstanding the difference between here and their home country and also overestimating the role that your friendly estate agent is going to play after you are handed the keys. One of the first problems people encounter having just arrived at the house in Portugal is that there will be no water. I don’t mean the water has been turned off at the stopcock I mean the water meter will not be there just an open space so no possibility of having a cup of tea, cleaning the house or using the toilet I have seen many couples with young children in this situation. Getting a water meter installed can take up to 5 working days. Electricity in your house in Portugal is another problem area. Because of the monthly charge, the tendency is for families to have the electricity disconnected because no one wants to pay the charge. This causes anyone who has just bought a house in Portugal a major problem and additional cost. If you can find an old electricity bill in the house that will help but you will still have to go to the EDP office in my case 25 minutes away and fill in all the forms to get a new connection. This may take weeks to happen. Your estate agent will no doubt not be available to help or will charge you for the time it takes. Forewarned is Forearmed
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Renovation on a budget

Renovation on a budget – Low-cost renovation Low-cost renovation
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Demolition of lean to roof

If you need to carry out a Renovation on a budget in Portugal we are here to help. With 12 years’ experience in helping people like you get the best out of their Portuguese homes, it’s no wonder that we understand that people have budgets and need to work within them. Unlike most builders in Portugal, we will talk through your ideas with you, ask questions and once we fully understand what you want to achieve we will make suggestions on how we can a help you to achieve the result that you want within your budget and timescales. We have a thorough understanding of planning restrictions and can help you achieve what you want without breaking the law. To the Castelo Construction team renovation on a budget is nothing new and it actually helps us to establish what outcome wanted more clearly. If you have a full blown computer drawn 3D plan or just your ideas sketched on the back of a cereal packet we would love to talk. Feel free to ask as many questions and you want. How to control costs on a construction project. Firstly there are many ways that you can be sucked into paying too much with many little things adding up to a big headache at the end of the project. We help you avoid these. We have met people who were so focused on their new build or renovation project that they had to go back to their home country to earn more money to finish off what had become a money pit. We have even heard of people who just upped and left Portugal because their dreams were broken. Of course, there are the odd occasions where we meet someone has bought a property which was not what they thought or were told it was. The unexpected cost of getting these properties in a situation where you can actually carry out some refurbishment work can often push people over their budget before the start. Don’t fall into this trap discuss your project early with us and we may be able to save you some money with our free advice.

Why people like you contact Castelo Construction

Why people like you contact Castelo Construction I have a new apartment in Lagos which is suffering from damp or condensation issues in the winter period when the place is empty. Unfortunately, they are not alone in suffering from the common winter damp problems affecting property in Portugal. Problems like mould growing on your furniture, on clothes inside wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and rugs. Other problem areas are around the walls where they meet the ceiling and around doors and windows with black mould, green mould and brown mould ruining the paint, curtains and your mood! Can it be fixed simply and at a reasonable price – Absolutely Although it’s a common problem in Portuguese homes of all ages it is a problem that is very poorly understood by most builders and handyman that we have met. Both in cause and solution. Many people tell us of the despair they felt when they discovered that their new Portuguese dream home had a damp issue. There is a group of people unable to face up to the perceived turmoil of having the problem resolved once and for all. These people who prefer to paint over the issue. Some paint and paint for years adding dehumidifiers, wardrobe crystals, scented “air fresheners” and washing down with chlorine bleach a couple of times a year. We understand the unknown cost of treating the problem can be quite daunting but we would urge you just to ask for a quotation then you have a fixed position from which to decide what to do. Here are some of our recent enquiries. If you have a similar problem please get in touch. Enquiry 1 I have a new apartment which is suffering damp/condensation issues in the winter period when the place is empty. Enquiry 2 I have a problem with black mould and would like a quote to get rid of it. Enquiry 3 After the heavy rain on Saturday, we found a water leak in the middle of our bedroom ceiling. The bedroom is on the ground floor. It has an overhanging deck above with a patio door leading to the lounge area. Enquiry 4 I’m writing to ask about getting an estimate for work on a stone house very near to Tomar. It has been renovated – the roof is new and the floor is tiled – but there is clearly a problem with damp, as shown by a musty smell, peeling paint towards floor level and condensation inside on the new glass doors in the attic. Enquiry 5 You write about this problem on your website and it sounds as though it can be remedied, but I have no idea what the cost would be. Please, could you let me know how to go about getting a quote for such work? Enquiry 6 There seems also to be a problem with tiles on the veranda. Enquiry 7 Our holiday home in the Algarve is showing some signs of damp in the basement and the stairs leading down to the basement. Could we arrange a visit from a technician in order to get a quote for the appropriate remedial work?