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Are you cold and miserable

Are you cold and miserable

Its raining cats and dogs today, grey skies, cold and miserable. One of those days when you have to motivate yourself to go out.

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Are you cold and miserable

Although it is late November it is not cold enough to have the wood stove or central heating on until around 4 pm. (I live in a properly insulated and heated home)

I recently met a couple who have lived here in central Portugal just under three years the other day they both said they had never been so cold in their lives as their first year in Portugal this is something we hear often from people that we meet socially. So why is it so common?.

I believe that there is often a blindness or mental block (I don’t know what to call it) when it comes to home buyers thinking about, heating, cooling and ventilation.

It could be because most people have only visited Portugal in summer when it’s hot and sunny all day especially July and August up until the first half of September. Cold and Portugal just doesn’t seem to equate.

Take the Coimbra area where I live as an example. Coimbra, situated in central Portugal, enjoys a climate cooler than Lisbon and, is normally warmer than Porto. Temperatures here are mild with warm summers. The area within 10Km of the coast is mildest and as you head further east to locations like Arganil, Castanheira de Pera and Serta you get a little more rain than Coimbra.

One thing that is worth knowing if you are house hunting. Those villages strung out in lines along hillsides are built there for a reason. They are usually at low cloud level because the rely on the early morning fog/mist/rain to help water their crops. Old villages in Portugal are always located next to a natural water supply because that’s house people lived. Growing things on their land that the family could eat and sell.

Enough about the weather let’s take a look at why your home is so cold.

The average Portuguese home is as well protected from drafts as your home in the UK if you left the back door wide open all winter. Coupled with the fact that very few homes are insulated at all, have draughty single glazed windows and doors and a heating system that is totally inadequate.
The lack of insulation, dramatic daily temperature changes during the day, high humidity drafts poor heating systems it’s a recipe for months of misery.
We understand how to make an old house warm and a new house as warm as you would expect. Contact Kelvin by email kelvin@casteloconstruction.com and tell us about your problem.

This site has very detailed information on Portuguese weather.

In fact, annual precipitation amounts to 1,450 mm (57 inches) in Braga, and 1,100 millimetres (45 in) in Porto, while it drops to around 900 mm (35 in) in Coimbra, to 700 mm (27.5 in) in Lisbon, and to about 500 mm (20 in) in Algarve. The rainiest season is winter.
Winter, from December to February, is mild on the coast, even in the northern part, since the average temperature in January goes from 9 °C (48 °F) in Porto, to 11 °C (52 °F) in Lisbon, to 12 °C (53.5 °F) in Faro.

In winter, there are periods of good weather, because the Azores Anticyclone can move over the country even in this season, but there are also waves of bad weather, with rain and wind. Sometimes, gale force winds may blow from the ocean, especially in the north.
The position of the country, overlooking the ocean, provides good shelter from cold winds and night frosts, which in fact are very rare and not intense: the coldest records along the coast are around -1/-2 °C (28/30 °F).

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Having a pool

Have you thought about having a pool it’s a dream that many people aspire too

Especially when they think of moving to Portugal and renovating a stone house or building new.

The first concerns when thinking about having a pool are usually and understandably what will it cost, how big will the pool be, how deep and where will we locate it.

Then there is will it have a liner or glass mosaic tiles, ladders or steps, lighting, electric pool cover(costs permitting) and what about the patio, pool surround, and planting.

Oh yes and a shaded area for dining alfresco!

You have to admit there is a lot to think about when you have decided that you are having a pool.

From a practical point of view, we would have to say that you have missed a major point or three from your pool decision list.

Is the ground suitable for installing a swimming pool of the type and depth that you want?

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Castelo Construction Having a pool

Is there enough access to excavate the pool foundations and where do you want all of the earth to go.

Do I need planning permission or a license?

The final question of who is going to build the pool is possibly the easiest to answer. Castelo Construction can visit your home or building project. Tell you if the conditions to build a pool are in your chosen location.

They can advise on all aspects of pool design from depth, interior finish and even the type of patio or pool cover that will be most suitable.

Call Kelvin on 00351 927168247

Or email kelvin@casteloconstruction.com
Check out some of our projects on www.casteloconstruction.com

Bouwer die gevaarlijk hoeken

constructeur local en train de couper dangereusement la sécurité de ses travailleurs

Cette photographie montre un constructeur local en train de couper dangereusement la sécurité de ses travailleurs et des personnes à proximité.

Bouwer die gevaarlijk hoeken
builder dangerously cutting corners

constructeur local en train de couper dangereusement la sécurité de ses travailleurs

C’est le genre de chose que nous voyons tout le temps ici au Portugal, mais pour les moins informés, cela semble probablement assez anodin.
Permettez-moi de dire d’emblée que tous les constructeurs ne sont pas égaux et que nos collègues sont à la fois compétents et expérimentés. Ils sont également assurés au bon niveau.

Pour moi, cela décrit parfaitement la différence entre ce que vous attendez à voir et à expérimenter au Royaume-Uni, en France ou en Hollande et ce qui se passe au Portugal.
La raison en est que les constructeurs au Portugal n’ont aucune formation officielle ou que la grande majorité de la formation n’est pas assurée ou sous-assurée pour couvrir leurs travailleurs, votre famille ou vos biens.

Un jeune homme typique, s’il ne trouve rien d’autre, finira par travailler sur un chantier. Il copiera toutes les tâches de base comme le bétonnage, la brique et peut-être même la menuiserie.
S’il n’est pas bon, il est licencié et passe d’un emploi à un apprentissage en apprentissage.
La principale cause du problème et la raison pour laquelle les propriétés sont mal construites ou mal remises en état sont que le jeune constructeur ne peut pas facilement apprendre la bonne façon de faire si ses aînés et les personnes responsables ne sont pas du tout compréhensifs. de ce qu’ils font ou c, éduqués au niveau de l’école primaire.

Prenons par exemple un constructeur d’âge moyen que je connais. Nous parlions de la construction de grands murs de soutènement et du problème que beaucoup d’entre eux finissent par se déplacer ou s’éloigner de la verticale.
Il a dit “la raison en est qu’ils ont placé les trous dans le mauvais endroit” “Je mets toujours les miens près du sommet du mur”
Je lui ai dit que chez Castelo Construction, nous utilisons toujours un ingénieur en structure pour concevoir de grands murs de soutènement afin qu’ils ne bougent plus à l’avenir. Ces murs ont toujours les trous de suie près du bas des murs. Je lui ai montré des photos des travaux que nous avions effectués et des grands murs exécutés par des entrepreneurs gouvernementaux. Tous avec des trous pleureurs près du fond.
Il s’est avéré qu’il n’était pas capable de lire, alors il était incapable de lire les notes d’instruction des ingénieurs civils et «improvisait tout au long de son parcours».
Malheureusement, si vous aviez une maison construite ou rénovée par ce constructeur, vous pourriez essayer de réclamer une indemnisation à l’avenir. Pour lequel nous vous offrons la meilleure des chances.


Telephone 00351 927168247