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Stone around the window

Stone around the window is a distinctive feature of Portuguese houses.

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The stones that act as a frame around your windows

They can make even the most humble of homes stand out.

“Cantarias” The stones that act as a frame around your windows. As they are called here make a very nice feature with styles from simple plain, smooth stone to fully carved architectural statements depending upon how grand your home is.

There is nothing more eye catching than natural stone against a painter render wall. Although having said that I know a few examples where one colour and type of stone was used for framing the windows and doors and another of a different colour used to build the house. The result is very attractive and looks like it has been there for 1,000 years.

I dont know what it is but I love to see a house that is being built with an outer skin of schist stone. The internal skin of the house is traditional block work and plaster what we call “cavity wall construction” this time the architect had included thicker insulation i was pleased to see.

High quality craftsmanship gives me a real sense of pride in the work that we do and I hope that our work impresses our clients as much as it does me.
Xisto, Schist or random stone walling is how all rural houses were built in central Portugal. Many unfortunately are not made with the same quality of stone and very, very few are constructed with the same expertise. Which is why so many of them are rendered over.
If you are thinking of buying a stone built or part stone built house in Portugal why not have Castelo Construction take a thorough look over it for you. We can advise if any parts need structural repair before you sink your hard earned money into something that may ending up costing you more than you had planned for.


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