Open tread stairs, danger in portuguese houses

Have you just opened up your holiday home and got a fright

Have you just opened up your holiday home and got a fright

You recently arrived in Portugal for a well earned holiday and opened up your holiday home to find it hot and steamy like a tropical jungle.

You may think that it is because it was locked up for so long and a few days with the windows open will fix it.

Keeping the windows opened will definitely improve the interior atmosphere but will do nothing to fix the damp that is causing the humid air and strange smell.

Locked up houses behave like a water pump because they heat up and cool down at different times of the day and temperatures vary dramatically in different areas of the home.

Take for instance a house on two floors. There is none of the traditional signs of damp anywhere except the first floor box room wall.

Here are the easily recognized signs of damp. But how did they get there? We know it is not rising damp or penetrative damp. What kind of damp is it?

Lets look at the cause first.
Because the house is closed up for long periods the moisture from the bathrooms and ground floor walls turns into invisible water vapour and is carried upstairs by warm air (Convection). As the house heats up during the day. The humidity starts to land on the coldest area of the house as the house starts to cool down in the evening. The humidity (water vapour) sits on the walls and ceiling as water droplets the condensation that we are all familiar with.

Once it turns into water it stays in the room to be added to the next day and the next day. Soaking the plaster and causing it to fail and fall off.

Fortunately this type of damp problem is easily resolved and we have the products, systems and expertise to remove the problem for good.

Condensation related damp can be a big problem in Portugal and not only reduce the sale value of your home but causing some rooms to be unhealthy and unpleasant to live in.
If you have this type of problem in your home contact and we will give you a quote for fixing the problem so that you can get on with enjoying your home in Portugal