Insulation & Portuguese homes

If I had a pound for every person that I have talked to or overheard other people talking about this subject “Insulation & Portuguese homes ” I would be a very rich man.

Summertime heat – it could be that we simply are not accustomed to having to control the summer temperatures in our home country.
It’s important to understand why and how your flat, apartment, house or Quinta gets too hot.
On a summers day when the sun starts shining in the morning it very slowly heats up the walls of your home and as the day progresses the sun rays heat up the roof tiles and then the other side of the house. The walls and roofs store the energy in the form of heat and as the outside temperature gets lower at night this high temperate stored in the fabric of the building is radiated (like an electric fire) back into the internal living spaces.

To get rid of this unwanted hot air all you have to do is open your windows at the back and the front of the house and let the wind blow through. If you do this for an hour before you go to bed your room will be much cooler and healthier to sleep in.
If you are going to keep your windows opened you may want to invest in mosquito blinds for your external windows and possibly some window bars. Then you can relax completely in your newly cool home.
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