Cold Winter Hot Summer

Cold Winter Hot Summer

Early April in Portugal and its getting warm outside. People are sitting out in the sun its 27 degrees with a warm wind blowing.

The perfect drying day.

As the summer heat gradually turns up and up quite a few of us will be wishing that we had insulated our homes better because our homes are badly effected in a Cold Winter Hot Summer
Cold Winter Hot Summer
Cold Winter Hot Summer

I remember just a couple of months ago when the weather was decidedly chilly and wintry. People were contacting us with questions about insulating old stone Portuguese houses.

Those same cold old stone houses are now going to start getting very hot in the evening something that makes sleeping very difficult particularly for visitors.

We have heard people say that stone homes were like heat sinks which once hot gave back the heat into the living area. I personally have never experienced that. What I have experienced is stone houses which when heated by the full summer sun can feel warm inside and the uninsulated roof tiles store the heat and radiate it back into the bedrooms when you are trying to sleep.

We always insulate roofs. Even the roofs of our outside kitchens and Alpendre, sun shades so that they dont radiate heat and are comfortable to sit under even on the hottest day.

It is possible to make cool or warm even the oldest home in Portugal.

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