Are there small holes in your wood work?

Normally you hardly notice the small holes in your wood work unless they are on a piece that is painted like this.

Are there small holes in your wood work?
Are there small holes in your wood work?

The holes could have been caused by a small child playing with a compass or drawing pins.

When you go actively looking around the place there is a good chance that your worst fears are going to be confirmed “we have got wood worm”


Usually that phrase is followed by a feeling of dread and then self questions, is my house going to fall down, are the children safe and WHAT is this going to COST!!!

Unfortunately some people just let it go and reason that because we have only just noticed the problem it cant be that bad.

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Are there small holes in your wood work?

If you have stripped out the number of Portuguese homes that we have you would know that there is always a much larger problem that cannot be seen at first glance.

Take this picture for example. It is the other side of the piece of wood pictured above.

The photo shows a piece of architrave which has been painted on one side. The wood worm infestation had spread into the door frame, door and floor boards. If you take a close look at this piece of wood you will see that the wood worms have eaten away almost entirely the structural strength of the wood.

Instead of trying not to think about it – contact and we will sort it out for you.