Build yourself a home in Portugal

So you want to build yourself a home in Portugal. You have looked at all the local materials, wrestled with layout and appearance and now are just waiting to find that ideal little plot of land or ruin to make your own piece of Portuguese paradise.

Fantastic, I thoroughly support what you want to achieve.

inder this tatty render is a gem
DIY Portugal

There are of course some things that you need to firm up first.
Have you got the money to buy the land or ruin and pay the tax, notary and the registration.
oh yes and pay your friendly lawyer.

Lets get the tools out of the van and get started…
Before you do why don’t you take a little time and talk to the “Fiscal” at the local Camara. Tell him what you are going to do to the house or land and ask who you should seek permission of in the local council.

Armed with these names you can meet the relevant people (all Camara planning offices have a visitors day every week). Even if they say that they are not interested as your ideas don’t break any bye laws you have not wasted your time as you have just made sure that you are not rushing off into a problem that could eventually cost you money and an awful lot of time.

There is one problem with un-written information or advice. If you find that it’s not correct no one in the camara will admit that they told you to do such and such. So you will be back to square one. (not to mention very angry).

If you are going to rebuild or refurbish a ruined house. Do you actually know for certain that it is still registered as a dwelling. Many ruins are taken off the housing register to save paying rates. It takes a lot of  time and money to sort these situations out. In the mean time you may not be able to continue with your construction project.

My builder said it would be OK !!!!!!  I have heard this a few times and every time the person saying this was trying to save money, didn’t mind cutting corners or doing some thing illegal. Now they face the consequences it’s the fault of their builder !  If you were back in your home country you would never take the word of your builder in something that he has absolutely no control. So why do it here in Portugal.

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