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Planning Problems

Don’t cause your self complicated and expensive planning problems.

Occasionally I meet people who have cut a few corners usually to save money  or because the couldn’t be bothered to find out about planning permission or relied on what a builder had told them before commencing work.

All of the above examples result in the same thing planning problems ranging from fines being imposed to not being able to sell their houses because the work that has been done is illegal and may have to be pulled down.

All the Camara planning departments have a raft of forms that you can fill in to comply with planning regulations. There are even forms that should be completed  EVEN IF YOU DON’T ACTUALLY NEED PLANNING PERMISSION . Not filling in these forms can cause you problems in the future. Planning problems that you just don’t need.

Take for example the document below. Issued by Penela Camara it is for the proposed construction of a building of less that 10  square meters. Its called a “Comunicacao de Inicio de Obra”

What is does basically is to inform the planning people that you are going to build something under 10 square meters floor area with a maximum height of 2.8 meters.


dont have Planning Problems
Portugal Planning Problems

lic bobra 001It looks complicated to fill it in but there will be people at the Camara who can help you to complete it.




You will of course need the following information – Your Tax Number (NIF), Passport number and date of issue, your address with post code and freguesia, The article number of the land or property that is being built on and a description of the work being done.

Many cameras require one of these documents for swimming pools.

The effort to fill in these forms is minuscule in comparison to the masses of paper work, stress, legal fees and financial problems you will have if you don’t play by the book.

Here are two real examples of people who pretended that they didn’t know about this process.

Person 1,            Changed the outside of his house by closing in his second floor terrace and fitting patio doors – result was ordered to remove all the work and have new planning project drawn up to describe in detail the changes that he had made inside the house. Approximate cost 11,000 Euros.

Person 2,           Extended a small stone goat shed into a small cottage – The goat shed wasn’t registered so docent exist within the Camara system – Cant sell their house or cottage as the cottage is not legal and has no planning permission. It is also unlikely to receive planning permission in the future.

We are happy to help you if you have questions about planning in Portugal or if you are considering building or refurbishing a house in Portugal.


Planning Problems

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