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Swimming Pool Liners

Swimming pool liners Swimming pool liners

One of the biggest decisions when you decide to have a swimming pool is to choose the type and colour/pattern of the liner.

There is a huge range to choose from but the most difficult thing is to guess what they will look like when covered with deep water. Not something that you can see in the store. The other thing is how they will look in my specific location.

This will depend upon the setting, background colour and the colour of the sky. Controlling 2 out of 3 aren’t bad. Your swimming pool liner is subjected to strict quality controls to ensure the highest possible standards of weld quality, colour consistency and shaping accuracy. Swimming pool liners are cut using computer controlled CAD cutters and the seams are high frequency welded.

 The range of pattern designs available is extensive. Materials are printed vinyl and are specifically formulated to suit the swimming pool environment. Swimming pool liners are made up from a number of specialist additives such as pigments and fungicides. UV additives give protection from ultra violet light.

You will notice just how good these are when your pool net and thermometer break up after just a few seasons. Patterned pool liners have acrylic lacquers to protect the surface of the pool liner. This acrylic lacquer takes the form of a thin layer baked on to the surface of the liner material and acts as an extra protective layer against UV light, chemical attack and minor abrasions.

It is a combination of all these agents that make a good swimming pool liner.

Liner swimming pools. They split and leak don’t they ?

Of all the in ground types of swimming pools those fitted with liners are the most common in central Portugal.

Every swimming pool liner is individually tailored and should have a beautiful crease-free fit. Fitted under the pool edge coping stones the liner will be trouble and maintenance free for many years.

Some people worry about the liner splitting of being punctured but that is a very rare occurrence and the repair in a split for instance can be welded in situ. Alternatively a section can be cut out and another welded in to replace it.

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Swimming pool liners

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