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Most of our clients spend a lot of time choosing the style and materials that make up their front door.

Obviously it is one of the first things people encounter when they come to your home so it is important to create a good impression.

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modern Front Door

But where to start or clients are often baffled by the huge range to choose from.

50% + would go for a traditional wooden front door the rest are open to suggestions. Most have a fear of solid glass (like a shop door) from a security stand point.

Modern glass is both very strong and tough. Tougher than wood thickness for thickness.
You have the normal extruded aluminum windows and doors which are by far the favorite.


Then there is powder coated steel and glass front doors which are very secure and can be made in very large sizes if you really want to impress. I like them because they can have integral metal wrought iron work which adds to the attractiveness and also the security.

Front doors with a wood face front and back incorporating a steel sheet sandwiched inside provide the beauty of natural wood and the added security of steel. Be prepared to pay a lot for these doors.

Any door that you choose of course is only as strong as its lock/locks which in most cases is not very strong at all.
A typical front door lock can be drilled out in under ten minutes so consider fitting a toughened lock to your front door. Oh and don’t leave the key under the mat.

Buy a key safe.   you can do it mail order at

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Castelo Construction Lda are builders in Central Portugal. If you need an English speaking builder for renovation or new build work we will provide free estimates and carry out your work to a very high standard. Central Portugal builders, Central Portugal construction. New Construction and Refurbishment of Portuguese Property Its exciting for both our team and of course our clients to mark out on the earth the site of a new home. We will have been with them during the design process and have spoken to the architect many times so we will be comfortable with what we are about to do. For many clients this stage is a little daunting as it’s hard to see without experience just where the house is going to be in relation to other things on the property. Once the foundations are dug out the house normally looks smaller that they thought, As the pillars and foundation wall start to go you get a much better idea of scale. You can see with your mind’s eye the location of the kitchen, bedrooms and so on. Once the walls are up and the first floor is in place the rooms start to looks smaller again (something to do with the light absorbing properties of the bricks) once the walls are plastered the rooms look a lot larger and it starts to feel more like the home our clients imagined building. Many of our clients are not in the country full time so rely on our regular photographic updates and written reports. They are always surprised when they make inspection visits. As the build progresses we are involved with many specialist sub contractors and it is our job the get them on site at the right time so that the trades do not overlap and time is not wasted. Once the roof is on and tiled it is traditional in this area to have a dinner on site. Everyone who is involved in the build is invited to share a suckling pig dinner with local bread, oranges and of course wine. This is a great way for the clients to enjoy some local hospitality and meet the craftsmen who are building their new home. We also invite the near neighbors so that they get a chance to see what’s going on (when the house is at a very basic stage) and it gives our clients a relaxed opportunity to make their acquaintance. As we always accompany our clients to choose, kitchens, tiles, bathroom fittings or whatever they want. We can help with translation and of course negotiation! As the house is coming to completion we always have them professionally cleaned so that when we hand over the keys it feels more like a home than a building site. 2 months after the house is finished we are back to check for any small faults that may need attention and of course we are available to help and advise should that be needed.