Arrived at your holiday home only to be disappointed

If you have just arrived at your holiday home only to be disappointed you have found the right place for help.

You will see the normal wind blown leaves and the few plants that failed to survive due to lack of water. Ready to open the door with a little trepidation as to what you will find. Power off, potential burglary or a flood.

You open the door and it hits you !!!

That wall of smelly humidity and dampness. You quickly open all, the doors and windows to air the house but you know that is going to take several days for that horrid smell to go, there will no doubt be lots of moldy and spoiled things to throw out too.

Having experiences like this makes having a holiday home in Portugal a potentially depressing experience.

Why you? why your house? how can you stop this damp in your holiday home walls?

Having just a few days of holiday and desperate to enjoy the warm weather while you are here it may be tempting to put up with it or ignore the problem until you get home.

Do not leave the solution until you get home call Castelo Construction  00351 927168247

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We may not turn up like “Winston Wolfe” but we will come and see you when it is convenient.