hand made rustic staircase, walnut rustic staircase, hardwood rustic staircase,

Rustic staircase

Staircases are often taken for granted when planning a refurbishment.

They are a very good way of stamping your personal style and individuality on a property which can incorporate the theme for the whole home.

hand made rustic staircase, walnut rustic staircase, hardwood rustic staircase,
Rustic stairs made of solid chestnut timber
There are thousands of styles to choose from and in this case we were handed a photograph from a magazine showing a rustic staircase that was installed in an African home.

Our client wished to replicate it in central Portugal and here is our take on the photo.

castelo construction
hand made stairs in chestnut

built on site banister
I am often amazed at the quality of the work our carpenters produce and in this case working with solid chestnut timber they built the staircase and banisters on site to make a spectacular staircase.

The reason that solid chestnut wood was chosen is that it is very strong and readily available here in central Portugal as well as having a very attractive grain.

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