Stone walls

Anyone who knows Castelo Construction will tell you that our teams produce some beautiful stone walling and  stone walls.

It makes me wonder why anyone would want to “have a go” at building a D.I.Y. stone wall themselves.

Firstly lets look at the cost. Do you know a good reliable supplier of stone that is easy to cut, dress and work with ?.

good quality stone
stone wall

How much is the right price for stone ?

If you search the internet or the bookshelves of a library you can find the basic information on how to do virtually anything including building a stone wall. The two things that you can’t get quickly of course are skill and experience.

Why would you want to put all the effort into building a stone wall to have it look bad.

If you are knocking an old stone wall down you could re use the old stones and re build it. You need to make it strong at the bottom, nice tight packed stones and straight. Oh yes and what about the rear side of the wall.

This is just as important. Most amateur stone wall builders get one side fairly straight but struggle to get the top level and the rear straight.
When it comes to trying to build a wall with new stone that needs dressing you have now entered a new realm of potential problems.

stone walls
curved stone wall

Do you understand how to find the grain in the stone, have you got the right chistles and hammers.

If we were then to put a curve in our new D.I.Y. wall and have it going down an incline you are entering stone wall masonry hell.

Protect your bad back, nurse your sore hands and blackened finger nails and call us for a quote…..

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