Building Materials in Portugal

Building Materials in Portugal
Here is a list giving the Portuguese names of building materials in Portugal  and what they are called in English.

BETONEIRA – Cement mixer, most here have electric motors.

CARRO DE MAO – Wheel Barrow

ANDAIME – Scaffolding

ESCADA – Ladder

ISLOMENTO PARA PAREGES E DIVISORIAS – Rigid board insulation comes in different thicknesses. Forinstance 30 would be a 30mm thick board)

ISLOMENTO TERMICO PARA PAVIMENTO – Rigid board insulation. For placing under cement floor screeds. Comes in different thicknesses. Forinstance 30 would be a 30mm thick board)

LA DE ROCHA – Rolls of glass/mineral wool insulation.

PAINEL CHAMINE LA ROCHA – Rigid panels of glass/mineral wool insulation. Used when installing wood burners into firplace,

PLACA DE GESSO – Plasterboard

TELHA LUSA HIDROFUGADA – Waterproof clay interlocking roof tiles. Come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

LAMBRIM EN PINHO – Thin pine boards used as pine paneling for walls and ceilings.

PAVIMENTO FLUTUANTE – Click lock style wooden decorative flooring.

PORTA INTERIOR – Interior wooden door. Often sold with the frame. Usual interior door size 80 Cms wide.

CLARABOIA – Velux style roof window.

JANELA DUPLA DE CORRER EM ALUMINIO – Window frame with two sliding double glazed.

CIMENTO – Cement for making motar and concrete.

AGROMASSA DE REBOCO INTERIOR – Lime/cement render pre mix for internal plastering.

AGROMASSA DE REBOCO EXTERIOR – Lime/cement render pre mix for external plastering.

TIJOLO – Bricks, They normally come in widths of 9, 11 and 15 Cms.

BLOCO DE CIMENTO – Concrete hollow blocks. They normally come in widths of 15 or 20 Cms.

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Building Materials in Portugal

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