New window and door openings

Enlarging a door into a patio door or french door. cutting a new window opening in a stone or brick wall.

Enlarging a window opening to make it wider. These construction tasks are very similar in nature and have a few areas were they can be downright dangerous if not tackled in the correct way.

Most people attempting D.I.Y. are doing it to save money which is fine as there are lots of areas in a refurbishment project were this can be achieved by a little hard work and DIY skills.

There are other jobs that you cannot just hope and trust to luck that things will be ok. Cutting through external walls is one such area where you need to get it right. In the best case stones falling out of the opening that you are making can go through the floor, break your leg or dislodge your scaffolding in the worst case they can kill you, bystanders and make the side of the house fall down.

Its important not to skimp of scaffolding (inside and outside) use as many adjustable supports and necessary and have some spare just in case.

Take your time and don’t be fooled into thinking that you can dislodge large parts of the wall without it causing a problem. If a large part of the opening feels or looks like its loose. Support it with a few bricks or blocks of wood. Its better for it to fall 1 centimeter than 10 cms so that the remaining wall is not stressed and weight is not suddenly shifted to another part of the wall. If you support it like this you can easily remove it later.

Do not make any hole in the wall too wide without fully supporting it. Make sure that the bottom of the adjustable props are placed on strong boards (not hollow bricks) to spread the weight evenly on the ground so that the props don’t sink into the ground and lose their effectiveness. If it rained while you were working re check that all your props are tight.
Wear a hard hat at all times and goggles because the draft caused by opening the walls will constantly blow dust and grit into your eyes. A dust mask is also a good idea because you will be able to work more comfortably.

If in doubt always talk to professionals such as Castelo Construction Lda. Tel 927168247

Even if they take over making the hole through  the wall and setting in a lintel there is plenty of work that you can carry out as well.

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New window and door openings

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