Reclamation Portugal

Reclamation Portugal

If you are looking for a buildings materials recovery facility, building materials reclamation facility or building materials recycling facility call it what you will. Reclamation Portugal is a service offering materials or architectural features to use in your Portuguese refurbishment.


Reclamation in  Portugal is a specialized task that receives and prepares recyclable materials previously used in construction.

old front door
reclamation Portugal

Generally, there are two different types of reclaimed building materials. Period decorative and Period structural.

Period decorative includes items such as external and internal wooden doors, door frames, windows, window shutters, wood paneling, flooring, old marble, old hand painted tiles.stone planters, wrought ironwork and ox drawn carts.

reclamation Portugal
old door furniture
reclaimed refurbished door furniture


Period structural includes items such as wooden lintels, structural timber beams,oak joists, chestnut beams, stone details, stone stairs, door frames and pillars. carved stone work, roman roof tiles and wood fired ovens.

reclamation portugal
a reused old stone door frame
reclaimed chestnut salvaged chestnut
reclaimed portugal

Second hand building & roofing material and reclamation building materials are also ideal for sustainable green building with reclaimed materials or just adding rustic accents to a refurbishment project.

The innovative use of reclaimed materials including old timbers,roof tiles and century-old beams can add real character to any construction project.

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Reclamation Portugal


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