Swimming pool Portugal – equipment, going into a pool house

Swimming pool Portugal – equipment, going into a pool house can be very confusing and made more so if the various equipment is labelled in Portuguese.

The skimmers have one or two large valves which close off or turn on the water from the pool going into the filter. The filter is that large round object.

Make sure that if you close the skimmers that the water pump ( black thing bottom left  ) is turned off.swimming pool portugal


Or you run the risk of damaging the swimming pool pump motor. If you are considering a swimming pool Portugal you need to understand what equipment is needed for each type of water treatment.

For more information and examples of pools in Portugal go here www.casteloconstruction.com

For instance you may have heard of Chlorine water treatment and may not like the idea of it from past experience with council run public pools there is a lot of difference between them and a privately owned pool. Also there are methods of reducing the amount of chlorine used which save money and are more healthy. Then there are salt treatments, Ozone and ultra violet it all depends upon your own personal choice and budget.

We have not touched on the pools were the water is not chemically treated. Such as natural spring fed pools or swimming ponds which are becoming fashionable.

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