Swimming pool and water treatment equipment

If you planning on having a swimming pool, just bought a house with a swimming pool or are about to build your own swimming pool you will also be interested in the water filtration, pumping and cleaning equipment.
We have seen pools without this but they are not recommended as the amount of chemicals required to keep the pool fairly clean are not good for your health.
Going into a pool house can be very confusing and made more so if the various equipment is labelled in Portuguese.
Starting at the top you will have 1,2 or 3 skimmers. These are the letterbox openings at one end of the pool with a flap that prevents floating debris such as leaves and insects from going back into the pool water. Inside the skimmers, accessed from above via a plastic hatch that either screws off or just pulls off in the basket this should be emptied once a week. This is also the basket that you place the chlorine water treatment in. The passing water dissolves them so that they need replacing once a week.

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