Laminated timber beams & posts

Laminated timber beams

Laminated timber beams   Why do we always use large section laminated timber beams when we are building outside dining rooms, alpendre’s, porches, pergolas and other structures?

Laminated timber beams There are FOUR main reasons,

  1. The sizes available both in length and width/depth provide us with the ability to scan large distances without the bowing and twisting that you would have with solid timber.
  2. The timber is kiln dried, its stable and has less weight than traditional timber.
  3. Most of the knots which weaken the structural integrity of large timber have been removed before the wood was laminated so that size for size it’s a lot stronger.
  4. It contains no wood-boring insects or insect eggs making it easy to protect from attack with spray on products.

The beams and posts are made by accurately cutting and planning the selected timber to provide maximum strength. The timber is then glued together under enormous pressure with glues that are stronger than the wood itself.

Glue-lam as its commonly know can be made into sweeping curves which are very strong indeed. You probably saw them in your sports hall at school. The large out of town shopping center near Coimbra has a two story section constructed and supported by Glue-lam.    email

Laminated timber beams

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