Low cost building

Low cost building

People always ask me

Low cost building “what’s the best way to save money while building a house in Portugal?”

I have found the answer.

It is straightforward and simple easy to understand and obvious.

Lets remove the word “Portugal” for a moment and replace it with Alaska because the rules are the same.

Decide what you want to build. If it’s a new build or large renovation have plans drawn and get planning permission.

Find a professional project manager with a good reputation.

Castelo Construction Lda for instance. Liaise with your project manager and go out to tender to three or more reliable, licensed and insured companies that are not ran by relatives of your Project Manager.

  • Make a full list of all internal finishes that you want in your new home.
  • Make a list of what is not included in the construction work.
  • Compare costs and take the advice of your project manager.
  • Go and visit at least three projects that the builder you are interested in has done or speak to the home owners on the phone.
  • Once you are sure that you have chosen a good constructor write a payment profile and start finish date.
  • Negotiate this and agree this with the builder and commence work.

You project manager should be able to supply photographs and a written report every two weeks so that you can see progress and answer any questions as they come along. Remember we are in “Alaska” not your home country so the building methods, regulations  and materials will be different. That’s why you hired a project manager in the first place.

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Low cost building

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