Property renovation

The “old or new?” Dilema

renovationFor sure, both have their charms. Both have their positives and negatives.

Old Property pros

  • You can see clearly how it sits on the land – particularly in relation to its neighbouring houses and environment;
  • It is going to have lots of charm;
  • The interior will be welcomingly cool when you are viewing property in the summer months;
  • You can check out the views from the windows;
  • It will be ready to live in possibly immediately;
  • It won’t cost too much to renovate.

New build pros

  • We can have exactly what we want within the budget;
  • You can choose a unique location;
  • We can add the latest insulation, heating & bathroom facilities;
  • We can choose the size of the internal space which we can’t do with an existing home;
  • It can be designed to take advantage of the sun, view and your personal tastes;
  • You can choose any style you like.

Old property cons

  • It will be damp;
  • It won’t be insulated;
  • You may have to extend it to give you the space you need;
  • The amount of work will always be bigger than you envisage;
  • The windows may be in the wrong position or size for what you want;
  • Is the roof ready to collapse?

New build cons

  • The total cost. Will it be manageable?
  • Can we build what we want on our land?
  • What about guarantees?