My sewerage tank is full again

As we are in the autumn rainy season here in Portugal we are often asked by frustrated clients to help them solve the problem of sewerage systems that are full of rain water or ground water as it is known. The last thing they want to be doing is calling Castelo Construction saying help my sewerage tank is full again.

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My sewerage tank is full again

What happen is – a sewerage system that works properly for months all of a sudden after heavy rain fills up and overflows. If you are lucky it overflows into the garden or patio where the stinking fresh sewerage can be hosed away. If you are not so lucky it comes up through the plug hole in your bath or fills your toilet bowl.

Whatever happens it is not a nice experience and no amount of drain rods and chemical unblock products are going to help the situation.
Basically what happens is that the rain water gets into your sewerage tank and fills it up so that nothing more can be added until you call someone to empty it. This being Portugal may take a week or more.

We occasionally have call outs from people who are emptying their septic tank or cesspit every three weeks due to ground water getting in and filling up the sewerage system making it unusable.

The problem is that most Portuguese household sewerage systems are not fit for purpose. They are inadequately built, too small and positioned badly. A recipe for disaster!

Castelo Construction do have a simple and ecological answer to this problem and so far with 100% success rate.

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