Whether you are Tiling with ceramic tiling, clay tiles and porcelain tiles.

If you are going to be tackling a tiling job at your home in Portugal or even if you are going to have a professional builder of tiler carry out the tile laying its important to be aware of what can be achieved.

These tiles are going to be around for a while so its best to get it right.

People who are about to lay tiles themselves often think about the easiest way to lay them with the minimum of waste and the least hassle.

They could be missing out big time and not getting the best from their expensive tiles.

Just as there are many ways of lacing shoes there are lots of different ways to lay a simple floor or wall tile the effects can be very attractive. Take for example just rotating a square tile by 45 degrees so that the tile becomes a diamond.
You don’t use any more tiles and the effect looks more professional. Now lets look at an oblong tile. You can lay them in straight lines, like bricks or slightly more off set so that you provide a lot more interest for very little additional work.
Other patterns are also easily made.

For tile pattern ideas go to the internet and search tile patterns for great ideas.

Then there are opportunities to mix the size of tiles the colour of tiles the texture of tiles and even the pattern of how tiles are laid against each other.  What about borders, central floor or wall patterns, feature stripes inset mirrors the combinations are endless.

Please do not be tempted to use those horrible plastic corner trims they make well laid tiles look terrible.

If you would like help in deciding what style, pattern or tile to use in a particular room contact Castelo Construction we will be happy to help.

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