Buying a home in Portugal

Buying a home in Portugal

Most of us fall into one of three camps when looking to buy in Portugal.

The professional real estate sellers, estate agents and so on call such things “property” but that is far too antiseptic a description for something that is going to be your house and hopefully become your “home”.

When it comes to the choice of property, houses or homes there are so many to choose from and its all too easy to get carried away with a house and 3 useless hectares of overgrown scrub land that you know you will never get under control. Each of us and that includes each partner in a relationship want something different and we will make many compromises along the way.

Money is of course the main factor controlling what we buy and of course what we physically need by way of accommodation.
In a recent effort to design the basis of a new build rental property I started by trying to guess what people wanted from a rental home in Portugal.
Apart from the obvious Location, location, Location there is the size and type of the home. Bungalows are not very common in central Portugal but they do have their uses ( child friendly, provide easy disabled movement, easy access to the garden from all rooms )

Then there is the size and number of rooms. Take bedrooms for instance.

How many ? Should they all be doubles ? should they all have access to the garden or pool area ? should they have en-suite bathrooms ?
A modern kitchen is a given but what about a dining room ? is it a must have for a rental property or will it be better to have an outside dining room and only a breakfast area in the kitchen for occasional dining. Apparently most people eat in front of the TV nowadays so perhaps the answer is to just provide tea trays !

Bathrooms are another minefield. What do people want, baths, separate showers or wet-rooms.
I do know that they want instant access to an unlimited supply of hot water, good ventilation and lighting both inside and outside the house.

Security is also a worry as many people will not have previously experience the peace, tranquility and crime free environment that we enjoy and often take for granted here.
Outside spaces and a pleasant place to sunbathe.

Still not convinced that I had the answers I checked out the internet and found “10 Amenities Tenants Look for in a Property” By Erin Eberlin,
I wasn’t to far off on some items but had altogether missed some of the more obvious things.

Although I was concentration on rental these questions and answers also cover the home that you purchase because the more areas that cover the easier it will be to sell your home when the time comes.

1. Location

Location always was and always will be the most important feature of a property.

2. Renovations

Tenants love anything that looks or feels new.

3. Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan can help a smaller space appear larger.

4. Stainless Steel Appliances

Prospective tenants love the look of stainless steel appliances.

5. Available Parking- Particularly Off-Street

6. Laundry in Building/Unit

No one wants to have to drag their dirty clothes all the way to the Laundromat.

7. Closet Space/ Storage Space

8. Large Windows/Natural Light

Natural light will make the property look warmer and more inviting.

9. Outdoor Space- Balcony or Yard Access

If a tenant has a place to barbeque or to sit out and read the newspaper, this is a bonus.

10. Central Air Conditioning

In warmer climates, not having central air conditioning in your rental unit can be a deal breaker.

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