Adding value to your home in Portugal

Adding value to your home in Portugal

There are lots of ways too increase  the resale value of your home in Portugal some are as obvious as a new coat of paint to liven up the appearance. Others can be more expensive  such as a nicely re-laid driveway or having the garden areas made over.

The object of this kind of work is to freshen up the appearance and hopefully adding value to your home in Portugal so that you gain at least the money spent back when you come to sell the property.

We often forget about a homes night-time appearance or  fail to think about what we could do to show off the house to the best advantage.

For example if you were thinking about adding value to your home in Portugal take this one for example.

 Atractive stone home

A very nice traditional looking house.  Add some lighting and the house comes alive. It looks a lot more appealing in photographs and the lighting make the outdoor spaces much more useable on those balmy summer evenings.

external ilumination of a house

Down lighting

If you want to investigate alternative ideas for lighting your own home in Portugal and perhaps adding value to your home have a look at

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