Insulation in Portugal

Insulation in Portugal

Insulation in Portugal The climates great here, feels just like California most of the time. That is apart from when you go into a Portuguese house if its more than twenty years old you experience a temperature range from arctic to equatorial. In the winter they are very cold and seem to suck the heat out of you no matter how high you turn up the heating . In the summer they can be stiflingly hot so hot in fact that its hard to sleep because the roof and thick walls are releasing all of the heat that it has collected during the day straight into your bedroom ! The answer is of course that these houses are not insulated and this allows the arctic to equatorial conditions to prevail. What the houses need is insulation but what sort of insulation, where, how and what are more difficult questions and require some detailed explanation. Types of insulation. The main insulation products available at a reasonable price here in Central Portugal are “blue boards” Roof-mate, wall-mate and floor-mate.

Timber roof-mate insulation

Then you have rock-wool in rolls and slabs and the thinner foil backed insulation’s available

foil backed insulation
Insulation in Portugal

in rolls.Strangely cork insulation is often cheaper to buy in the UK that Portugal. Where to insulate, Start with the roof, heat rises. You can insulate and existing roof or if you are going to install a new roof you can install the insulation across the entire roof.

insulated roof
portugal insulation

Once you have completed the roof insulation start by looking how to install insulation on the ground floor assuming its a 2 story property.

insulating walls
insulated walls

If you are thinking of using dry lining to provide a warmer interior

Warm and dry
insulation behind plasterboard

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Insulation in Portugal


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