Sun Shades

Sun Shades

Sun Shades can be used to form Outside Dining Rooms, Alpendres, Pergolas and swimming pool shades Whatever use you put them to they will all provide shade from the sun and often shelter from the rain.

Most are supported on pre-tensioned wires firmly anchored to stone or brick walls. Designed to suite your location, favorite position and mode of use they can be a very quick to erect and provide an attractive addition to your home. It’s important to understand that a sail which is effectively what a sun sail is can power yachts weighing many tons at high-speed. This ability to harness the power of the wind means that the wires equipment and fixings need to be very strong indeed.

Fixing a sail to a lightly built brick wall may result in the heavy metal fixings breaking free and flapping about in the breeze. Because they are a very lightweight shade cover they can be made to be furled or un-furled. For instance over a swimming pool you could pull over the shade in the heat of the midday sun or if you have small children playing in the water and then pull it back again to let the sun heat the swimming pool water. If you like to eat or entertain outside all year round you could utilize a free-standing sail fixed to pillars, posts or a pergola.

The sun in central Portugal can be very strong and those of us who have lived here for a while understand the need for shade. In the spring and autumn there are also days when the weather is warm but there is the chance of light rain so having a sunshade or sun sail can increase your enjoyment of your garden and provide a dry relaxing space away from it all.

From ultra modern to rustic you can have what you want. Call us to discuss your ideas for a sun shade and we will provide a quote. 00351 927168247 Email   Sun Shades

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