Reputable builder Portugal

Clients find us through our good reputation its the only way to find a Reputable builder Portugal

We have worked together with many clients on multiple building projects. They like the regular communication and photo reports that we send.

Gradually they begin to trust that we will do high quality work behind the scenes as well as in the finishing details. We have had many clients say that previous builders that they asked for prices from said “you can’t do that in this house” and then we came along and just got on with it.

This ability takes an awful lot of experience and structural understanding. We don’t take risks with people’s homes despite them often wanting a cheap and cheerful solution perhaps because they don’t understand the complexity of what they want done or have heard from a non builder friend “i would just do that…if I were you”

Architects and structural engineers are professionals for a reason and may have to be consulted if what you are trying to achieve makes a significant change to the original property. It does not have to be expensive in fact it can be free as we have very good relations with local architects.

Once we have a chat about what is required we often produce a sketch which we can discuss and make changes too before we start work its always cheaper that way.
From the sketch we can quickly transform the old building into a habitable home. Changes along he way happen all the time and we are used to incorporating them into the work.

Our regular reports and free flow of communication make adding these changes easier.

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