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Polished Calcada

Polished Calcada

Calcada is a hand cut limestone cobble which when laid with skill can look fantastic and add to any home.

Polished Calcada as a decorative feature in your home. We often install Calcada grossa “big calcada” and Calsada pequino “small calcada” as swimming pool surrounds, stairs or patios and paths. The smaller calcada suitable for polishing into polished calcada comes in 3 basic colours and can be laid in any pattern that you want. Even copying a design such as a ship or the back of a coin.You can even use inspiration from local ancient sites such as Conimbriga to give you ideas for polished calcada.   Occasionally we calcada inside a home. The usual finishing method is to grind off the surface and polish the stone to give a very attractive finish and a real focal point.

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Talk to if you would like a price on your own design of Calcada If you are at all artistic you could make your own design and out highly skilled tradesmen can recreate it in any size that you want.

Polished or natural its something you can admire for years.   Here are a few of the more common application for this attractive an versatile material

Laid in rough sand and broken stone there is far more skill involved  than you may think.

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