Low cost pool heating

Low cost pool heating  Swimming pool heating
Thinking of having a swimming pool built or own a swimming pool that just too cold to enjoy most of the year. Do you want to extend your swimming season ?

There are solutions to this problem. Low cost pool heating

Here is a cross section of a swimming pool you will notice that the water has two distinct temperature levels marked on it. There are more temperature levels. The coldest being at the bottom of the pool. We have marked just two for ease of explanation.

Why is my pool cold

The surface layer of warmer water can be felt on your skin if you swim at the height of summer in a pool that has not had a cover on it. The death of surface water can be increased a little if you use a thermal pool cover at night.
Add to the thermal cover a swimming pool heating system and you can keep this warm layer at 30 Degrees. Once you take off the cover and start to swim you will mix the warm water with the colder water and the pool temperature will drop 2 to 3 degrees to 27 or 28 degrees.

cold swimming pool

If you are heating your pool water why is it not all the same temperature throughout the pool ?
If we look again at the pool cross section you will notice green arrows pointing to the bottom and walls of the pool. This is where your pool water is losing heat by passing it through the pool structure into the surrounding earth.
To combat this we invented our insulated swimming pool system which has 3 outstanding effects. 1, There is no noticeable difference in water temperature (no quickly disappearing warm band of water) 2, The water maintains its temperature without heating. Currently it has been above 26 degrees from June until now September.
3, If we were to add a pool heater it would cost far less to run and would enable the pool to be used all year.
If you want to know more about or pool insulation system or pool heating contact us on info@casteloconstruction.com or visit our web site www.casteloconstruction.com

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