Roof Problems Get Worse

Roof Problems Get Worse – The sorry end to a sagging roof
In the previous blog we talked about a soundly constructed house with a sagging roof was a disaster waiting to happen.

Roof Problems Get Worse It is truly amazing just how quick a house can go from this:-

On the edge of disaster

To this:-

Roof fallen in, rain soaking the floor allowing the rot and woodworm to break the first floor. The problems don’t stop there. Roof Problems Get Worse The rain falls onto the floor timbers through the gaping roof. The water runs down the timbers and starts washing away the soil used as jointing between the stones at the base of the wall making the whole structure weak.

Roof ceiling and first floor broken through

The whole house had to be cleared of all damaged timber leaving just the four walls.

All is not lost as we can refurbish and renew most Portuguese damaged properties.

 Roof Problems Get Worse

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