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Just arrived in central Portugal

Just arrived in central Portugal what to do?

There is a strong desire in many people to use local builders to help renovate their recently bought home in Portugal. They feel that  it is helping to integrate into the local community.

Its a good idea, we only work with local people and have done so for the last ten years.

You do have to be very aware that although some English may be spoken there is an enormous gap between our experiences and expectations. In the same way that there are hundreds of types and colours of white paint.

There are many things done differently here than they are back in your home country

Very often people fall foul of the “I explained it too him and when we came back he had done something totally different to what was agreed.

Take for example a new client we came across recently. She had a newly converted stone house in Central Portugal.

When I asked her how she liked the workmanship (not carried out by Castelo Construction) she said “oh its fine but we ended up with a lot more rooms downstairs than we asked for!!!”

They had wanted an open plan downstairs but the builder took it upon himself to add rooms. Unfortunate you may think? or how could they get the translation so wrong?

As an experience builder I know the real reason for this “Mistake”

Because it was cheaper for him not to make a first floor capable of sustaining a long unsupported span as the client wanted it. Instead the “unwanted rooms” were built so that the walls would support the floor.

Then there was another client who came on holiday to their freshly refurbished holiday home only to find the bathrooms, kitchen and all the floors were tiled in awful, cheap looking, old fashioned tiles which were third quality not even seconds.

The builder had included in the price for tiling.  He had chosen the tiles and supplied them at around 3 euros a square meter in a color last in vogue 30 years ago.

The home owner was left with the cost of taking up all of the tiles cleaning off the floors and walls and re tiling at double the original estimate.

If you are looking to work with a safe pair of hand on your Portuguese property contact


call Castelo Construction 00351 927168247

Our workmanship is second to none and we understand where you are coming from!

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Gas Boilers Central Heating

Gas Boilers Central Heating

Gas Boilers Central Heating       Most houses in Portugal have a gas boiler even if they have other forms of heating in the house.

They run on Propane or Butane gas which comes in large metal bottles either delivered or bought from local shops depending upon the size.

Usually you can only fit a butane bottle on to a butane connector (not always). You boiler and gas cook top will be set up to run on either Propane or Butane gas so make sure you know which it is and use the right type of gas as using the wrong one will result in poor performance and more expensive running.

When you buy or rent a house in Portugal make sure that the gas boiler is inspected for safe running. Not just that it runs but that it is running safely. This photograph shows a gas hot water boiler that runs well provides hot water.

You can see by the black stains on the ceiling that the boiler doesn’t have a flue so the fumes are going straight into the room and rest of the house. VERY dangerous. Gas Boilers Central Heating On a recent boiler inspection our heating engineer came across a boiler that had all its safety sensors removed and was leaking onto the floor. On closer inspection the probable reason for removing the sensors was that the boiler had been used to heat water taken straight from a river.

The water was filtered but silt was still getting into the boiler and causing problems inside. By removing the sensors and having the internals blocked with silt this was effectively a bomb waiting to go off.

Always get your gas appliances checked. If you would like help with any heating related questions please contact Casteloconstruction on Skype or info@casteloconstruction.com  www.casteloconstruction.com

OurEnglish speaking engineer will be pleased to help

Gas Boilers Central Heating