Bought a house in Portugal

bought a house in Portugal

Here are some typical features of a Portuguese home.


These features are not normally found on homes in northern Europe. If you have bought a house in Portugal and are thinking of doing it up here are some typical details often found in a Portuguese home.

Starting with the arrows from left to right

First arrow,     Reinforced concrete cornice moulding used to strengthen the top of the perimeter walls and support the roof. These cornice are very often painted a contracting colour such as blue or ochre.

Second arrow,             Limestone or marble window surrounds. These are actually glued on to the outside of the building and the inside of the window opening. They provide a weather proof frame or the windows and doors to be attached. There are various thicknesses, grades of stone and decoration options that you can have.

Third arrow,                Frost proof, roman look, interlocking roof tiles. Our roofs here in Portugal usually have a slope of 28 Degrees which is much lower than the UK or instance. The tiles are held in place by their own weight and are not nailed on.

Fourth arrow,              Exposed roof joists. The ends of these roof joists have been cut by the carpenter to mirror the shape of the roof cornice. This is a very traditional finishing detail in central Portugal.


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