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Castelo Construction

Castelo Construction. Helps people like you to get the very best out of your new home in central Portugal.

Whether it is an old house that you want to refurbish or a new home which you want to construct. We help you to make the most of any property project with our professional, design, construction, project management and maintenance services.

Professionally managed services with full accountability ensure that you get what you want. On time and to budget.

casteloconstruction, dampfixpt,
quality work on new or old houses

We work only with experienced and licensed tradesmen, architects and engineers to deliver exceptional results.

Find out what people like you, our clients say about their experience of working with us.


Hi Kelvin, Just a quick note to say that I was impressed with the quality and progress of the work during my visit to Portugal last week. Given the “Unknown Unknowns” of an empty building. I think that you and the guys have made appropriate suggestions and decisions that have enhanced the building and its livability. I am particularly pleased with how the basement area has turned out, especially given that it was not included in the original specification. I am really looking forward to my first period of residence in July 2013. I am also anticipating working with you equally successfully on the small house. THANK YOU

We take on small and large construction projects with the same commitment.

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