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House Renovation

House renovation is something that many people ask about.

We have received inquiries and technical questions from the USA, Turkey, Italy Germany and Spain. Our new clients tell us that they have a good idea as to what they want to achieve in the renovation of their property in Portugal but they have often tried very hard with sketches and photographs to explain exactly what they want and then given up because they just cant make the subtleties understood.

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Taking on the full renovation of a property in Portugal can be fraught with hidden costs, unforeseen problems and additional work.
Castelo  Construction have refurbishment projects underway every month of the year. We know what to expect, how much things cost and can give you accurate timescales for completion.

We also provide progress reports with photographs every two weeks to keep you fully informed. Even if you are living in Portugal during the refurbishment.

So that we and the home owners keep in step during the refurbishment we also have a refurbishment plan which details milestones such as when the roof tiles, kitchen, bathroom goods and tiles need to be chosen. Because we have carried out many new build and refurbishment projects over the last ten years we build in a little leeway so that our clients are not stressed and make the wrong decisions.

We want all of our clients to walk into their finished home and say to themselves “Just what we wanted”

For professional help with your rebuild, extension or refurbishment project chat to Castelo Construction, we are based in central Portugal and work all over the country.