What are these marks on the walls of my home

What are these marks on the walls of my new home they have been growing for a while.

If you have black spot like sooty marks on the inside walls or ceilings of your home it certainly is not normal.

If you external paint is forming bubbles and blisters, sometimes water filled this is also not normal

If the inside of your ground floor walls are starting to show signs of a tide mark and flaking paint this is not normal.

So what do we do about it !!!

 The only way to tackle this is to understand where this humidity originates from and then a plan can be put in place to eradicate the problem and provide a more comfortable healthy environment for you and your family to live in.

People think that solving damp problems is prohibitively expensive. It’s not.

What is expensive is wasting money on half hearted solutions when you dont fully understand the cause of you damp problem in the first place.

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 What are these marks on the walls of my home

Once this is done the condensation can be eradicated. There may also be a little re-education required about how to live in a damp house. The nice thing about this is our advice is free.

If the humidity is not coming from Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp or Chemical damp it can be cured by regular high volume ventilation of the home. This is something that very few people do well instead they prefer to use a mechanical means of ventilating their damp homes DampFix installs solar powered systems which have no running costs once installed.

These systems are ideal for families with children, the elderly and especially holiday homes.
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why is my house damp

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