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Replacing a timber roof in Portugal

Replacing a timber roof in Portugal.

These pictures guide you through the process.

There are many insulation product available in Portugal some take a little technical experience/ knowledge to get the best out of. Others such as wall mate, floor mate and roof mate are pretty self-explanatory.  This roof has Roofmate installed.

There is a real cultural difference between the average Portuguese person and northern Europeans in the way we look at home insulation. Insulation is new in Portugal and often thought of as unnecessary.

Whatever you do not rush in and start taking off the roof no matter how bad the condition is. First go to your local council “Camara” and fill out a notification that you are going to carry out the work. Otherwise and this often happens. The Fiscal will come around and slap a stop work order on your renovation and maybe a fine.

As soon as local people see that you are going to take your roof off they will come around offering you Eucalyptus poles straight out of the forest. They will tell you that they are very strong and insect proof(in comparison to Portuguese Pine which is like caviar to woodworm) The eucalyptus poles will be very cheap.

Do Not buy these poles or you will be having the same sagging, woodworm and roof leaking problems that they do.

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