Find a house in Portugal

If you are searching Portugal for a property to buy you will have no doubt studied many websites in your own language. Found a region that suites your taste & pocket and then started a thorough search to find a house in Portugal.

Over the next twelve months you will no doubt take a couple of trips out to Portugal when the air fare prices are lower and the weather not too hot so that you can see whats available and experience life in the local area.

Most people will find their Portuguese property through an estate agents website or a property owner like This helps because there are people on hand who can tell you what its like living in the area and transport you around the properties.

If you are looking for a real bargain and have time to spare you could look at the Portuguese Tax (Finances) notices when they are selling off people property to raise money to cover tax debts. If you go this route or buy from a bank that is reselling property expect the properties to be in poor condition, often vandalized and if its in a village you may have unhappy family members as neighbors.

If you want to buy your ideal cheep house in Portugal you will have to be flexible in terms of timescales, money and the number of visits that you will have to make out here to take the purchase to conclusion.

Rushing into things is one of the best ways to buy a “money pit” as the heart usually rules the head.

If you want a smart buy that is a good investment then you need time to compare this ideal house with others of the same size and condition, location and layout.

Remember that if a property has problems such as woodworm or damp get them fixed before you move in otherwise it will be more difficult to do when you are living there and the damp in particular will prevent the house from truly becoming a home. For solutions to damp problems and property condition appraisals contact