Living in central Portugal

Living in central Portugal

Do I recommend it ABSOLUTELY If your about to take the plunge and move to central Portugal either on a holiday basis or permanently there are some experience that I have had and have seen other people go through which may help you.
If you coming to Portugal as a couple remember that you both have different requirements and reasons for wanting to be here. Its important to discuss and share your reasons, desires and ideal outcome with your partner so that you can make sure you make your stay here a pleasant and enjoyable as possible.
Where to live ?  Pin in a map, a favorite holiday destination, close to golf courses or commutable to a city for work. ?

Most people end up in a location because they fall in love with a particular house. Most houses in central Portugal are individually built and added to over the years making them unique which is very attractive to us northern Europeans.

The other thing for British people is that the houses here pound for pound are generally larger and with more land that we are used to. A house here can match the aspirational goals that you had in the UK for a lot less money. BEWARE BUYING TOO BIG.  Most of us who move out here are active 50+ the temptation to buy a 6 bedroom barn with lots of outbuildings is very strong. RESIST THIS URGE!

We can all make up our own excuses about spending our retirement doing it up or the grand children will love the space. Think about who you are going to sell it to when you find that your rattling around in it as a couple and come winter that its too big and expensive to heat, maintain, clean.
With any property that you eventually buy – heres a few examples -
Outside entertaining space is vital Not just for day to day living in our new warmer environment, when visitors pop in or when the family descend for a summer holiday. They don’t want to be stuck indoors they want to feel the warmth and enjoy being outside or even having breakfast alfresco.
This is why outside dinning rooms and barbeque areas are our number one inquiry at Castelo  Construction. I would say that having a nice, functional outside eating area is better than having a swimming pool if you have to choose between the two. There are plenty of natural swimming locations at local river beaches  and of course the beach.

The natives are friendly. Its one of the major attractions of living here in central Portugal. Most people are polite and friendly. You will be very quickly made part of the community. When we lived in the historical part of Penela we were amazed how many people said hello as we were out shopping or waiting to be served in the post office. The expat community is thriving with coffee mornings, walks, and dinners so you can have the best of both woulds. Catch up on the latest news  back in your home country and enjoy the local cultural events and new friends.

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