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Sandwich Panels

Call them what you will. They are most commonly known as Sandwich Panels.

S.I.P.S, highly insulated building materials. The technology looks good.

They are modern and provide high levels of insulation so why aren’t more people using them in their Portuguese new builds or renovations. It could be just cost of course the panels look expensive at first glance – To see one suppliers web site. The real cost comparison should be done by taking in to account the cost of replacing current systems of building, added insulation and more strength.

That is if they are installed correctly (a whole new can of worms) and one to cover later. A “sandwich panel” is basically just that.

The bread being one of a range of products such as plaster board which goes on the inside and wooden boards, plywood or cement board on the outside for instance. The “jam” in the sandwich is either expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene which provides a high degree of insulation. The panels are simple to fix, heavier than they look and it is important that you think about how you will handle joints before you start to fix the panels.

A typical example of areas to use SIP panels in a refurbishment of an old house in Portugal would be to put them on top of the roof joists to act as a support for the roof tiles and provide the ceiling finish. Dry lining ground floor stone walls so that the rooms are dry and warm. Room divisions, the advantage of the heat being kept in the room that is being heated and a good level of sound proofing. Between a family bathroom and a bedroom for instance. Suspended floors, the list goes on. Just use your imagination.

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